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Billy Martinez

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Billy Martinez

Publisher, Writer, Artist, Creator

Telephone: 615-720-9683
Facebook: billy.martinez.731
Twitter: nekopress
Tumblr: billymartinez
Youtube: nekopresscomics
Deviantart: billy68
Carbonmade: billymartinezgirls

Billy Martinez has been working with comics and fine art for over 22 years. He is the publisher and owner of Neko Press. His works include Wildflower, Kickass Girl, and The Deepest Dark. His art has been featured in Heavy Metal Magazine and as well as The Family Guy and Hellboy for Inkworks' trading cards. He has been commissioned by Starbucks Coffee and designed the cover art for two time grammy nominated jazz pianist, Geoffrey Keezer. Billy's has also designed work for Qualcomm Communications, and has worked with the Sci-Fi Channel on several art relative projects. He regularly performs live art at many venues up and down the west and east coast throughout the United States.

He is continuing his series of Girls paintings and each day is getting closer to his goal of a 1000 in the series. 2012 marked the release of: In Your Face, a complete guide to drawing facial expressions. Billy soon added his follow up in 2013 with another how to draw book: Body Movin'. This book features a solid approach to figure drawing. 2014 marked the 15 year anniversary for Neko Press. Early 2015, Billy relocated from California to Nashville, Tennessee and has new plans and a new direction for Neko Press. There will be a great deal of live art and brand new works coming at you straight from the mind and hands of Billy Martinez.

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